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Dive Into the New Age of Seaweed Extracts

Our Services

A unique suite of nutraceuticals

Seaweed bioactives including polysaccharides, pigments, fatty acids, polyphenols and peptides have been proven to possess various beneficial biological properties that could potentially contribute to functional food and nutraceutical development.

A fibre extract with multiple uses

Seaweed fibre is an excellent source of dietary fibre, and has been reported to impart similar improvements in human gastrointestinal health and other benefits to those obtained from dietary fibres in terrestrial plants.

A sustainable plant-based protein

Seaweed protein is a source of all amino acids, especially glycine, alanine, arginine, proline, glutamic, and aspartic acids.

Health promoting alginates

Alginate is currently found in some slimming aids, thickening agents for soups, jellies, ice-cream, cosmetics, drinks and pharmaceutical preparations.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We are looking to partner with future thinking food ingredients companies that will use our extracts in the development of ground-breaking new products. Our extracts are sustainably sourced and processed in a gently manner to maintain all the seaweeds health properties.

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