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The myriad of health benefits

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Omega 3 & Omega 6

These omega fatty acids work in synergy in our bodies to help regulate a multitude of body functions. Together they’re crucial in maintaining healthy joints and regulating blood clotting and blood pressure; whilst Omega 3 helps maintain the normal function of the heart, nervous system and vision. And seaweed is jam packed with omega3s and 6s. Especially the Dulse species which are particularly high in omega fatty acids. No more need to take fish oil tablets every morning!


The great thing about seaweeds is that they are packed with proteins containing all fundamental amino acids. Foods rich in protein are filling and help control your appetite during the day. Plus, they have a positive impact on bone health, muscle strength and blood pressure.

Green and red seaweeds contain a protein ratio of around 10% - 30% (in relation to dry weight matter). With levels up to 45%, the red algae Dulse is a real protein rock-star.


Seaweeds are rich in dietary fibre which is great for your digestive health because fibre supports a health-promoting gut micro-flora. To dig a bit deeper, some seaweeds are rich in soluble fibre - a component of fibre which is not digested and benefits the regulation of the intestinal transit.


Seaweeds contain a high level of bioactive compounds which means they can produce a great variety of secondary metabolites. These compounds give seaweed a broad range of biological effects such as antioxidant, anti-microbial , antibacterial, anticancer and anticoagulant properties.

For Sports

Whether you are a serious athlete, in training for Ironman (good for you, by the way!) or a weekend walker who takes the dog to the park to keep fit, seaweed can be very beneficial for you. The high content of electrolyte minerals - calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium means seaweed is a super natural way of replacing the electrolytes lost during your training sessions.

Also high in protein, and packed with anti-oxidants which are proven to help reduce inflammation in the body, seaweed is a fantastic re-fuel for your body immediately post training. Try adding Alaria or Dulse flakes to your post-work out drink.

For regulating your blood sugar levels

Scientists have demonstrated that seaweed can naturally help regulate the release of sugar to the bloodstream, which could be a help in managing diabetic conditions.

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